Heat Pumps

Platinum Series

Platinum ZM Heat Pump

Heritage® 20 Heat Pump                                                                               


Save up to 60 percent on your cooling energy usage* with two-stage cooling. Includes AccuLink™ connectivity for greater control and convenience.**

Platinum XM Heat Pump

Heritage® 16 Heat Pump                                                                       


Incredible two-stage home comfort.

Gold Series

Gold XI Heat Pump

Heritage® 15 Heat Pump                                                                          


Efficient performance and Premium comfort

Gold SI Heat Pump

Heritage® 13 Heat Pump                                                                                  


A solid solution for affordable heating and cooling.

Silver Series

Silver XI Heat Pump

American Standard 14 Heat Pump                                                                       


A reliable heat pump for quiet home comfort.

Silver SI Heat Pump

American Standard 13 Heat Pump                                                             


Reliable and affordable heating and cooling.