Platinum Series

Platinum ZV Furnace

Freedom® 95 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed, Modulating Communicating Furnace


Ultimate comfort with superior efficiency and AccuLink™ connectivity.*

Platinum SV Furnace

Freedom® 80 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed Communicating Furnace


Incredible two-stage home comfort with AccuLink™ connectivity.*

Platinum XV Oil Furnace

Freedom® 80 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed Oil Furnace 



For quiet, efficient, even heating throughout your home.

Gold Series

Gold ZM Furnace

Freedom® 95 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed Furnace


Ultimate heating efficiency meets superior cozy comfort.

Gold XM Furnace


Two-stage heating to keep you comfortable.

Gold XI Furnace


Quiet affordable heating for your home with a step up in efficiency.

Gold SV Furnace 

Freedom® 80 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed Furnace


Quiet, efficient heat to keep your entire home cozy.

Gold SM Furnace
Freedom® 80 Two-Stage Furnace
Gently provides just the right amount of cozy comfort.

Silver Series

Silver ZI Furnace

Freedom® 95 Single-Stage Furnace                                                               


Single-stage heating that makes every dollar count.

Silver SI Furnace 


American Standard 90 Furnace                                                                 


Reliable, affordable heating.

Silver XI Furnace

Freedom® 80 High Efficiency Single-Stage Furnace                                              


A quiet and efficient furnace for reliable heating.

Silver SI+ Furnace

Freedom® 80 Single-Stage Furnace                                                                


Get what you pay for: uses minimum fuel for all the heating you need.

Silver SI Furnace

American Standard 80 Furnace                                                                  


Reliable, affordable American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

Silver SI Oil Furnace

Freedom® 80 Single-Stage Oil Furnace                                                              


A durable oil furnace for reliable home comfort.